Providing outsourced IT support and services to small businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Don’t small businesses deserve the same technology and service as large businesses?

These days, solutions are easier to acquire, making software that was priced for larger businesses, more available than ever to small businesses. This has created advantages for small businesses such as:

  • higher quality software
  • increased efficiency
  • better customer experiences
  • more flexibility

However, this has also created challenges such as:

  • inconsistent business data across software platforms
  • additional security issues
  • increased support issues
  • lack of control over business data

Do you want to focus on growing your business, and not deal with all the intricacies of technology? Launchtime Technology can help ensure that your systems are secure by addressing their confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Outsourced IT Support

With outsourced IT support, Launchtime Technology supports and manages your computers, systems, and software. We are a proactive partner in your corner, ready to provide IT support while protecting your organization from downtime.


No matter the size of your business, securing your business and customers’ information is of the utmost importance. With ransomware and data breaches on the rise, protecting your business and data against malicious threats is a top priority of Launchtime.

Data Backup & Recovery

Your data is an essential part of your business. With threats like ransomware at an all-time high, a solid data backup and recovery plan is required for your business. Launchtime uses best industry practices to backup your data, so you can rest easy.

Schedule a time to discuss your needs in more detail. We will then get to know you, your business, and what obstacles you are facing. Contact us by calling (817) 753-8700 or clicking Get Started.